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Zbinden (Jaberg BE)

Our Branch of the Zbinden Family originates from Jaberg, a small bernese village somewhere between Bern (capital of Switzerland and capital of the canton Bern) and Thun, near the motorway-exit Kiesen.

Nearly all of the Zbinden's who wrote us in the last years originate from either Guggisberg BE or a village around there or around Lucerne ... all of them are therefore NOT related to our branch of the family.

if you ar looking for your roots and proudly carry the same name, we can give you some hints, where to start:

- Official Homepage of Guggisberg BE
- Canton Berne on the Subject of Genealogy in German (more precise: PDF)
- Canton de Berne en francais (PDF)

Good luck and thank you for visiting our website!

If you are interested in family crests, I have you an other version (source unknown):